Gotta tell ya’, seems like old times!

The obligatory team photo at the airport on the day of departure!


I’m not pictured, of course, ’cause someone had to snap the shot.

The long flight seemed very familiar, although we went a different route, through Dubai.  It is an interesting note that the flight from DFW to Dubai is 14.5 hours long….and the return flight from Dubai to Seattle will be 14.25 hours long.  Shorter, I guess, going over the north pole, or at least closer to it.

The layover is not so bad, however, as it is only four hours, and takes about two to transfer gates.

And then the flight from Dubai to Nairobi is only 6.5 hours; much shorter than we are used to.

It also seems like old times to be sorting through luggage at the Maua Basin Hotel.


What seems strange is to not have our former home to go to for the things we forget.  Suddenly we are back to living out of a suitcase and making do without the things we forgot…just like normal folk.

The drive up-country was very familiar.  Peter, my driver, kept asking me if I remembered where we were – what town, what region, etc.  Of course I remembered.

There are more speed bumps, however, and traffic is worse than it was; many more motor bikes.  We did stop at the Trout Tree, however, and that was fun – eating trout at the base of Mt. Kenya in a treehouse.  What’s not to like?

So there is a familiarity to it all – a greeting from Stanley, and a tearful hug from Frida – it all seems so “old time-ish!

More tomorrow, as we will have finished our Medical Camp and first day at the house build.  But for now, just this reminder of the amazing people of Kenya, and what a joy it is to spend this brief time with them.



All is good….except for the time zone lag……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz





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